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There’s a whole wide world out there most people will never see.  Places only a pilot can go.  Those who accept the challenge of becoming a pilot experience the planet in a new way.  And the sense that their lives are connected to some higher purpose doesn’t end when they return to the ground.  Give both your spirit and body the chance to soar.  Live up to your potential.

You’re taking the next step on the path to a new, larger world, a world that might just change you in some rather profound and lasting ways.  Ask pilots, and they’ll tell you. Once they took the controls of an aircraft carving through the sky a few thousand feet above the ground, flying became a part of who they are.   Most will say the challenge has made them more confident, independent, and adventurous.  And, of course, they’ll also tell you flying is pure, unadulterated fun—especially when you have high confidence in your flying abilities.

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